Draw and Guess is now Drawize

Published: 02/12/2020

We are chaning our name

Hello to all our current and future players!

After 3 years, millions of drawings and millions of hours of fun, it is time for us to change the name - to be unique, memorizable and easy to connect with friends and other players. This will also mark another phase in Draw and Guess development - expect even better gameplay and new features shortly!

Our game is available on Web and as an app for both iOS and Android - with all players playing together. You can play on the Web, with your friends playing in the app on their phones - all in the same game room, having fun together!

And, that is not all - you can play with your friends who speak different languages - everyone sees the game interface and guessing words in their own language!

And, from now on, everywhere with the same, unique name, that is easy to type and easy to find on the Web, iOS App Store, and Android Play Store - just type Drawize!

We wish you even more fun than before and not only fun, drawing is good for your brain also!