Drawize - Frequently asked questions

How many players can play Drawize?

Drawize is designed to be played in groups of different sizes, from very small to very big. Drawize can be played in the private room having up to 100 players!

When playing in the bigger groups please consider the Teams option - it is a mode specifically designed for large groups to bring most fun and interactivity for each player in the group!

How to use custom words?

You can play in the private room using your custom words list. It is very easy: just open your room settings (by clicking the gear icon next to your room code), then enable the Custom words option , and enter your list of words - one word per row! You need at least 5 words to finish the setup, but we recommended to enter more so it will not repeat too often while playing.

Is Drawize suitable for online events?

Yes, Drawize is often played on different online events, such as online team buildings, different meetings or school events. It is often combined with custom words to make session more connected with the current topic of interest.

There is special Spectator mode which is useful if you would like to stream the game, or project on the big screen, without actively playing the game.

Is it possible to play Drawize without ads?

Yes, a lot of people asked us for a solution to play Drawize without ads, and we do understand how ads can be annoying. Now you can purchase ad-free access for yourself or all people playing in your friend rooms - which is great if you are going to organize a Drawize game during an event or in the classroom!

Please click here to read our blog post on ad-free Drawize for more info.

What is Drawize Spectator mode

It is a mode designed for streaming or projecting the game for other people to watch - but without participating in the game. To enter the game as the Spectator, just select this option when entering the room by code, or click the eye icon next to your room code.

Spectators will see whole gameplay, but will not be able to type answers or interact with the game in any way. (If you are the owner of the room and participate in the game as a spectator, you will still be responsible to start the game by clicking the start game button)

Is it possible to join the already started game?

Yes, when playing in the private room (Play with friends option), players can connect any time, they will be joined to the currently playing game!

What is Drawize Teams

Drawize Teams is a game mode specifically designed for larger groups of players, to play as a fun learning game in the classroom or cool entertaining activity for your company events. In the Teams mode players are grouped into teams, having players from one team cooperate together and compete with other teams.

How to play Drawize Teams?

Start with the Play with Friends option, create a new room and then enable Teams option in your room settings.

When the settings open, just click Teams to toggle teams option ON or OFF. After you have enabled teams, you will have to set up teams for your room. To do that, you should enter the name and upload an avatar image for each team, and that's it.

To invite players, send them a share link - you will see it once you click to play the game - and you can get a link for each team. Or, you can also send people just a room code and tell them to join: players will be asked to choose their team after entering the room in that case.

How to change number of rounds?

It is very easy, just open your room settings (click the gear icon next to your room code) and you will see the option Rounds per game, jsut click it to change!

Number of rounds can range from 3 to 20 round per game.

How to change number round duration?

Just open room settings for your room (click the gear icon next to your room code) and you will see the option Round duration, jsut click it to change!

Round duration ranges from 45 seconds, up to 600 seconds (10 minutes).