Tech post: How to release an HTML5 on Steam

Here we will share some problems and solutions to issues arising while preparing Drawize for the Steam platform.
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Play Drawize at your Halloween party

If you are getting ready for Halloween seasons and looking for a game to use for your Halloween gatherings and parties - Drawize is an excellent choice.
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Drawize Affiliate Program - Promote Drawize Premium plans and earn commissions

We have started an Affiliate program - we invite you to help spread the word about Drawize; in exchange, you earn commissions on any sales made through your referral links! It's an excellent opportunity to earn some extra cash as a teacher!
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Drawize Stream - Twitch integrated drawing game for your live stream

Drawize just got Twitch chat integration - enabling your audience to play with you. Viewers can guess other player's drawings and vote what You will draw next!
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Top 5 team games for online work environments

In today's reality, when we work remotely more than ever, finding ways to stay in contact and bond with our colleagues is essential. We believe playing together is a great way to do it - so we made a short but actionable list containing five online team games that your teammates will love to play!
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Play Drawize and connect virtually with family and colleagues

This year holidays are somewhat different than usually, but we can still spend quality time and have fun online
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Go premium: Play Drawize without ads

We have some great news - now it is possible to paly Drawize without annoying ads!
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Drawize Teams: Best game for classroom and team events

Finally there - we are proud to present you Drawize Teams - the best game for larger groups, such as classroom or company team events. It is a very fun way to boost engagement and reinforce positive team relations
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Stay entertained and connected during Coronavirus lockdown

We have some tough time ahead of us - but Drawize is here to help you stay entertained and connected with your friends, family, and colleagues during Coronavirus lockdown! So, if you are asking yourself what to do during Coronavirus lockdown - we have good news for you :)
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Draw and Guess in now Drawize

We are changing our new, your favorite Drawing game now has a new name - Drawize. Read more to find out why, and what is changing for you.
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How to play pictionary in the classroom: both online and face-to-face

Kids love drawing, and drawing is good for their brains! Read more to see how Drawize can be used in the Classroom, both for fun and for learning!
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