Play Drawize in the classroom


The Game kids love to play

Students already enjoy playing Drawize - Draw and Guess, and often play it with friends in school.

Since drawing and doodling are some of the rare activities proven to boost memory and improve focus (read more) we are really glad our game can help make kids interested in drawing.

We encourage teachers to use Drawize in the Classroom - it can help engage students and make learning really fun for everyone!

Learn by playing

Students are more likely to remember what is learned if they actively participate in the class, and playing a game is a great way to make them actively involved.

Drawize can be used for different subjects, including foreign languages and vocabulary practicing, and some teachers already have good experiences using a Pictionary style game in the classroom.

How to play drawing game in the Classroom

The teacher can use our Friends room feature, in combination with custom words.

  1. Click play with friends
  2. Click create a new room - room will be created
  3. Click the gear icon next to your room code - this will open room settings
  4. Enable Custom words for your room, and enter words related to the topic you are working on. For example:
    • Vocabulary list for Language class
    • Animals you were talking about in nature class
    • List of internal organs when teaching human anatomy
    • Math terms, or formulas in science classes
  5. Share room code with your students and start having fun
  6. The game will automatically select a different student to be an artist for each round.