Drawize can help you have fun with friends and family online

Published: 12/24/2020

As we all already know, this year we will have to stay away from traveling and visiting our family and relatives. But, we still can spend good time together and have fun virtually, but together. If you need an idea for virtual holiday activity - we have one for you :)

Drawize - Game to play during online holiday gatherings

If you are looking for an online activity you can play online with other people, in small or very big groups, Drawize is a good choice for all generations! Some people are born artists, others will draw only stick figures, but everyone likes drawing, and will have a lot of fun playing Drawize!

Drawize is a classic sketch guessing game - one player is the artist and he chooses and draws a word, and all other players try to guess what the artist is drawing. It is very simple, but still very fun and entertaining for all age groups.

We received a lot of messages from you, many people telling us Drawize helped them to feel better while isolated in their homes, stay in contact with people they care about and spend some quality time in our game. Thank you all for the feedback, it means a lot for us.

Stay connected during this holiday season

Although you have to practice social distancing - it doesn't mean you can't spend quality time with people you care about. We all know we can talk online using different chatting and video conferencing tools, but it is great if you can do something together - Drawize is a great choice to do that. To have fun with your friends, family members or colleges online, create a private room and share it with them

  1. Click play with friends
  2. Click create a new room - room will be created
  3. You will get the room link and code: you can share them with your friends to start playing immediately
  4. Also, you can create your own custom word list for your room - for example, create a holiday themed word list ideal for this season
    • Click the gear icon next to your room code - this will open room settings
    • Enable Custom words for your room, and enter words of your choice

Drawize Teams

If your group is bigger than 12 members, you can consider Drawize Teams.

This is an option designed specifically with bigger groups in mind. Players are grouped into teams and each team has an artist in each round. That way all players will get their turn drawing sooner and the whole game is more dynamic than classic Drawize when played in the big group.

Please click here to learn more about Drawize Teams