Stay entertained and connected during Coronavirus lockdown

Published: 03/03/2020

As the current situation with COVID-19 develops across the globe - more and more restrictions are enforced to our style of living, it is important to stay connected with your friends, family, colleges and all the people you love.

Drawize - Game to play during coronavirus lockdown

We know people love drawing - you can show your skills, train your brain and have fun with friends - all at the same time in our game. In the difficult times ahead of us, when we have to stay in our homes and help the World fighting the Coronavirus, we are very glad Drawize can help you stay connected with your family and friends.

We received a lot of messages from you, many people telling us Drawize helped them to feel better while isolated in their homes, stay in contact with people they care about and spend some quality time in our game. Thank you all for the feedback, it means a lot for us.

Stay connected during Coronavirus social distancing

Although you have to practice social distancing - it doesn't mean you can't spend quality time with people your care. Besides talking, chatting and videoconferencing it is great if you can do something together - Drawize is a great choice to do that. To play with your friends, family members or colleges, create a private room and share with them:

  1. Click play with friends
  2. Click create a new room - room will be created
  3. You will get room link and code: you can share them with your friends and start playing immediately
  4. Also, you can create your own custom word list for your room - make the experience even more personal
    • Click the gear icon next to your room code - this will open room settings
    • Enable Custom words for your room, and enter words of your choice

Have fun during Coronavirus social distancing

It is not only about staying in contact with people you care about, but you can also use Drawize when none of your friends is currently available to play with you. There is Play online mode: you will be paired with other online players and you can play online games and compete with other players anytime.

Daily Challenge

There is also Daily Challenge - every day one word is chosen, you have one hour to give your best and create stunning drawing! All other players can vote, the entry with the most votes wins the day. You can watch a short video of other people's drawings - it can help you improve your drawing skills.